You got questions & We got answers.

How long in advance do I have to book a shooting?
Our shootings can only be booked by appointment. Just try to call us at short notice. We usually find a solution. Appointments can also be booked after 17.30 hrs on request.

The Shooting

What should I wear, what kind of clothes make sense in front of the camera?
There are many stereotypes. Some may say that it's not a good idea to wear narrow stripes, large patterns or layers of the same color because the camera doesn't record them well. We say: throw these old ideals out of the window, they are outdated ways of thinking. A modern camera no longer has any problems with this. So if you want, you can wear it all (especially if it represents the style of the shoot)! Only small patterns like small dots are not recommended.

Important inputs and questions that you should answer yourself.

1. Make sure your clothes are ironed and clean.
2. Try on new clothes before taking a picture.
3. What are these photos for? (Why am I doing this?)
4. What are my personal preferences (style)?
5. How do I want to look in front of the camera?
6. If possible, please put on your clothes in our studio first, as we want to avoid possible wrinkles and sweat stains.

First, of course, you need to know and understand what these photos are for and how you want to use them. This can be for your LinkedIn profile, for your company website, for an application picture or simply for yourself. You need to know your audience, what is appropriate in your circles and what is expected.
If you want to apply for a law firm, then of course a good suit would be better than a t-shirt and jeans, but you know that for sure yourself. You need to understand and know the environment around you when deciding which outfits to bring to the shoot.

What are my personal preferences?
By this we mean that you think carefully about what suits you and what you want to wear at the shooting. Where do you feel comfortable? Clothes make people and in certain clothes you automatically have a much better charisma. It's always a question of style and individuality and connected with personal preferences; according to the motto: You know yourself best. You know your favourite colour, which you like to wear every day, you know which skirt fits better to your look. Décolleté necklines must not or should not be cut too deep. Follow your own instincts and preferences, otherwise you may end up disappointed not to have listened to yourself and not to have represented your own style.

How would I like to appear in front of the camera?
You always have to consider your goals when it comes to your perfect outfit. This is not just a photo shoot, but an investment in yourself and in your own future! Don't be shy, get inspired by fashion magazines or friends and invest in yourself - even if it's just an outfit. We help you with the posing, how you have to stand and how you can look professional and competent or sexy in front of the camera. Don't forget, this is the opportunity to open and transform yourself with the goal of opening new professional doors and making dreams come true!

Do I need shooting experience?
As experienced portrait photographers, we are accustomed to dealing with people without shooting experience and motivating them. We will give you posing instructions that suit you and help you to implement them. With our tips and tricks you will quickly learn how to move effectively in front of the camera.

What does the term "SET" mean?
A set corresponds to a series of pictures taken with a constant background or in the same situation. For example, with two sets you will be photographed against two different background scenes.

What is the difference between an "American-Shot" and a „Head-Shot"?
The head shot and the American shot differ from the photographic detail.
In an American shot, we photograph you in a section from head to knee, which is the more modern version of a classic full body shot.
In a head-shot, we photograph you in a section from the head to the middle of the chest.

The Make-Up & Hair-Styling

Do I need a hair and make-up styling?
A photo make-up cannot be compared to an everyday make-up.
With a professional photo make-up and hair styling, your facial features and contours are specifically adapted to our light to produce a harmonious result and interplay.
The make-up is generally type-dependent and will be adapted to your wishes. You can choose a natural make-up as well as a real Hollywood make-up. You will learn a lot about your type and how the make-up affects you and others. Let us spoil you.
For men, we generally advise against make-up. We powder you before the shooting, for grooming you are the master yourself.

What exactly does Hair & Make-up mean?
Hair" means perfect hairstyling, which is included in a Hair & Make-up.
However, the hair is not washed or cut. We recommend that you wash your hair one day before the shoot if possible. This makes it easier to style.

How do I pay for the shooting?
With us you can pay in cash or with all current cards (MAESTRO, MASTER, VISA AND AMERICAN EXPRESS). We do not accept Postcards.

What is a view link?
The view link serves, as the name suggests, as a preview of your order. You will receive this via e-mail. With the View-Link you can view your image selection at your leisure. All images in the view link are provided with a watermark from THE FOTOSTUDIO (LOGO). The reason for this is that these images are not color-coded and therefore cannot be used.

Do I get the pictures immediately after the shooting?
Within 5 to 10 working days after the shooting you will receive an email with the view link to your personal image selection. An express order of the view link is not possible. We take our time for the pre-selection of your pictures, because also this step has to meet our high quality standards.

What are "TOP SHOTS"?
The best pictures of your shooting, which you select together with your photographer directly after the shooting or at home after receiving the view link. It should be noted that TOP SHOTS only make colour corrections. You will receive these digitally in 13 x 18 cm format. If you want the file in original size, you have to order a retouch from CHF 45.

How long does it take to process or deliver my images?
Application Images / LinkedIn / Business Portrait /

DELIVERY: The picture delivery incl. retouching usually takes place within 3 to 4 working days after the shooting. An express delivery including retouching within 24 hours costs CHF 45.00, within 48 hours CHF 25.00.
VIEW-LINK: The delivery of the View-Link is neither usual nor included with application pictures, but on request possible for an additional charge of CHF 45.00 within 3 to 4 working days after the shooting (no express delivery).
PRINTS: The dispatch of the printed pictures depends on the size of the order; the dispatch takes place after arrangement.
THE RETOUCHING: The image processing time depends on the size of the order; delivery is made by arrangement.

Please note that the shooting day is not included in all stated delivery times.

How can I order a voucher from you?
Our vouchers, packed in beautiful voucher boxes, are unique gifts for every occasion. From an amount of CHF 50.00 we issue vouchers for all our offers. Our vouchers can be ordered online via our website or by telephone. You order the voucher and we pack it for you with a ready to use card perfect for shipping. Or we can send your order by post to your home. It can also be picked up by appointment in one of our studios in Erlenbach or Zug.

How long is a voucher valid?
Our vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue. Once the vouchers have expired, they can be extended for a further year for an additional CHF 50.00 surcharge.

What are your opening hours?
We are open for you from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and on Saturday from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. throughout. If we are unable to answer the telephone, please leave a message on the answering machine so that we can call you back as soon as possible. Shooting dates can also be booked outside our opening hours; we will be happy to adapt to your wishes.

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