Creation Studio Zug Zurich | Photographer Laura Fernandes

Laura Fernandes

Photographer from Passion. She impresses with her creativity and professionalism. She has been irreplaceable for CREATION STUDIO for 12 years through her keen sense of precision and leadership.


Daniel works with contagious excitement and precision. He is an amazing film cutter and director of photography, who loves his job. Thanks to his devotion and his many years of experience, he pursues excellence.

Creation Studio Zug Zurich | DOP Daniel Villiger
Creation Studio Zug Zurich | Marisa Kreienbühl


As a photographer & graphic designer, he creates aesthetic, high-quality work with a flair for fashion and art. With his friendly manner, he lives out his dream job with us.


Photographer with passion. His human warmth touches, his cheerfulness is infecting and reveals itself in his pictures. Our customers and we value them equally.

Creation Studio Zug Zurich | Photographer Boris Germann
Creation Studio Zug Zurich | Architect & Renderings | Diego Varan


Passionate about architecture and interior design, he creates high quality virtual images using the best three-dimensional modeling programs. Lately he develops architectural virtual tours and animations.

Patrizio Di Renzo


At CREATION STUDIO, Patrizio actes as Creative Director & CEO. As a mentor, Patrizio supports and inspires the team in the latest trends which are daily woven into our work. 

His activity goes beyond that of a classic photographer, as Patrizio is also a Creative Director for various luxury brands, large and small companies. 

Patrizio Di Renzo has photographed many international stars such as Naomi Campbell, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and supermodel Natalia Vodianova. Portraits are his passion. 

You are welcome to book Patrizio Di Renzo through his own website 

Creation Studio Zug Zurich | Owner & Photographer Patrizio Di Renzo

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